How to choose the best baby carrier?

There are many different types of baby carriers available. How do you choose a good baby carrier that best suits you and your baby? We recommend that you consider the following questions when buying a baby carrier:

1. Which type of baby carrier do you prefer? (Full Buckle, Half Buckle, Ringsling, Woven Wrap)
2. How long do you want to carry your baby in a baby carrier? (months or years)
3. Which carrying position do you prefer? (on back, hip, stomach)
4. Are you going to wear alone or will you share the baby carrier? (with eg your partner or babysitter)
5. Are you looking for a baby carrier that is suitable for warm weather?
6. Do you want a sling made entirely of organic cotton?

Do you have a specific question about baby carriers and it is not listed here, - for example about what age a baby can be in a baby carrier, how to carry your child safely and what the best baby carrier is - take a look at our frequently asked questions about baby carriers .

Which type of baby carrier do you prefer?

There are many different types of baby carriers and wraps available. Wraps that are knotted, wraps with rings, baby carriers with adjustable buckles and click systems and even baby carriers with only Velcro. Something for everyone! We distinguish between the following four categories:

1. Buckle Carrier: Full Buckle

This type of ergonomic baby carrier is very easy to do with an easy click system. The hip belt and shoulder straps both click on with buckles. The baby carrier is also easy to adjust to the size of your child and grows with your child (so can be used for a long period of time). The Full Buckle is easily adjustable and therefore suitable for multiple carriers. The most popular Full Buckle is the Tula Free To Grow.

View our complete range of ergonomic Full Buckle baby carriers and read more about the features of the Full Buckle baby carrier

2. Baby Carrier Half Buckle or Mei Tai

The Half Buckle of Mei Tai is a sling with buttonable shoulder straps and a hip belt or buckle. It is half a sling and half a baby carrier. This makes this wrap not only easy to use but also very safe. This wrap is made of a lovely woven wrap fabric that falls nicely over your shoulders. You can use it right from birth and into toddlerhood. Ideal if you want a soft wrap but without complicated knots and with a sturdy pre-shaped baby carrier. The most popular Half Buckle or Mei Tai baby carrier is the Hop-Tye Buckle.

View our complete range of Half Buckle or Mei Tai baby carriers and read more information about the features of a Half Buckle or Mei Tai baby carrier

3. Sling: Stretchy or Woven

A stretchy wrap is also called a 'baby wrap'. You tie the stretchy fabric around your body and place your baby in it. Stretchy wraps are ideal for newborn babies. Because in a sling they can be as close as possible to their parent. This way you can easily offer your baby the skin-to-skin contact that it so desperately needs. In the sling, your child feels your heartbeat and warmth and feels extra secure. The sling is also very useful when breastfeeding. Read more about the features of stretch wraps.

A woven wrap is ideal for babies who like to be wrapped and carried. You can use this sling from the birth of your child up to the age of 2 years. A woven wrap has a length of two and a half to more than five meters and can be tied in several ways. You can carry your baby against your chest and if your baby is a bit older, you can choose to carry it on your back or hip. Read more about the characteristics of woven wraps.

View our range of stretchy wraps here.

4. Ring sling

A ring sling is a sling with two rings that you can easily fasten without knots. This sling is easy and quick to use, it is suitable for newborn babies and toddlers. The ring sling makes it easy to breastfeed. It is also an ideal wrap for short walks with a toddler who wants to (learn to) walk and likes to be carried. Because the cloth can be folded small and weighs little, you can easily take it with you in your bag. You can also use the ring sling as a chair or hammock. The most popular ring sling is the StorchenWiege.

How long do you want to carry your child in a baby carrier?

Do you only want to carry your child in a baby carrier or sling for the first months or longer? If you only want to carry your baby for the first few months, a sling can be a solution for you. Do you want to carry your child for a longer period of time? Then look for a baby carrier that grows with your child. And will you carry your baby right after birth? Then pay attention to whether an reducer or an insertion cushion is required.

We have baby carriers and slings on offer that are suitable from birth, for toddlers, for toddlers and even for children up to 6/7 years (size 134)! In the search function on the homepage you can check the clothing size of your child, after which the available baby carriers from our range will be displayed. The description of the baby carriers states whether the baby carrier is adjustable and, if so, to what weight or clothing size. You can further filter the results by brand, type of baby carrier, color and price.

Which carrying position do you prefer? (back, hip, back, face forward)

Which carrying position provides the best wearing comfort for you and your child? Is that by carrying your child on your back, hip or stomach? Newborns and babies are best carried on the stomach. If your child is a toddler, you can also wear the baby carrier on your back. With a woven wrap you can carry your baby on the back earlier, around 6 months. And sometimes carrying your child on your hip is useful, especially for short distances. You can use a ring sling for that. Furthermore, baby carriers have been specially developed to carry a child with the face forward.

In our webshop you can select the carrying positions: 'back carrier', 'front carrier', 'hip carrier' and 'outward facing position' and for each carrier it is indicated which carrying positions are possible.

Are you going to wear alone or will you share the baby carrier with, for example, your partner or babysitter?

If you are going to use your baby carrier all by yourself, you can of course choose your own favorite baby carrier. But if you are going to share the carrier with someone, it is useful to take a good look at which type of carrier you choose. If you and your partner (or babysitter) are about the same height, Full Buckle baby carriers come in handy because they are quick and easy to put on.

If you are very different heights, it is better to get a carrier with a hip belt with buckles and shoulder straps that can be tied, such as the Half Buckle. This possibility is offered, among other things, with the Storchenwiege baby carrier. There are also carriers that have a hip and shoulder strap with a velcro closure. These baby carriers, such as those from Bondolino, are also ideal if there is a large difference in length.

Are you looking for a baby carrier that is suitable for warm weather?

Are you going to use the baby carrier a lot in warm weather (think of the many warm periods and the heat waves in recent years in our own country!) or are you taking it with you to a warm holiday destination? Then choose a baby carrier that is made of air-permeable cool mesh material. This breathable 3D Air Mesh material provides better ventilation of the baby carrier. This keeps you and your child as cool as possible even in warm temperatures. Often these baby carriers also have a removable hood that offers protection from the sun, privacy during breastfeeding and peace when your baby sleeps.

Are you curious about baby carriers that are nice and airy in the summer or on vacation? Check out our special page with summer baby carriers for the Beco Toddler Cool, Tula Coast Carrier or Ergobaby 360 Cool Air. You can find all carriers that are especially suitable for warm weather on our Warm Weather page.

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Do you want a sling made entirely of organic cotton?

Most baby carriers and wraps are made from 100% organic cotton. In addition, there are manufacturers that use a mix of natural and unprocessed fibres.

But there are also baby carriers and slings that are made entirely from natural materials. This means that no pesticides are used (as is usual with 'normal' cotton). This prevents the soil and water from becoming polluted. In addition, a sling made of 100% organic cotton gives a much smaller chance of skin irritation, because this fabric has not undergone any chemical processes and can therefore not release chemicals to the skin. Baby carriers and wraps made of completely organic cotton are therefore a safe and responsible choice for your baby.

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How to choose the best baby carrier?