Ergobaby Embrace

Are you looking for the comfort and the softness of a baby wrap and the user-friendliness of a baby carrierWith the Ergobaby Embrace, you’ll find your perfect match!

You will use the Embrace during the first few months after birth, in order to carry your baby softly, comfortably and ergonomically. You can carry your child in 2 positions on the belly: facing inward or (at a later stage) facing outward. 

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You use the Embrace baby carrier right from birth. This way you carry your little one with you softly, comfortably and ergonomically. You can carry your child on the stomach in 2 positions: face towards you and face away from you.

The waistband and shoulder straps of the Ergobaby Embrace are easy to click on. As soon as your child grows up, you can switch from the belly-to-belly position to the position where your child can look forward without making any adjustments to the baby carrier. The adjustable seat adapts to the growth of your baby.

This is also a comfortable baby carrier for you as a carrier. The cross straps on the shoulders are wide and provide extra support. You can also easily roll up the Ergobaby Embrace and take it with you in the diaper bag.

Ergobaby Embrace FEATURES

  • 2 ergonomic carry positions
  • Can be used as from birth until 11 kg
  • Ideal compromise of a baby wrap and a baby carrier
  • Supports your baby in the ergonomic M-position
  • Super soft and comfortable fabric

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Ergobaby baby carriers

In our offer you can choose from different Ergobaby babycarrier models. In addition to the Ergobaby Embrace, you will find, for example, the Ergobaby Omni 360 babycarrier or the Ergobaby Adapt babycarrier. This way you always choose an Ergobaby baby carrier that suits your needs.