Tula is a popular brand in terms of baby carriers and stands out for its nice and original designs and its modern and stylish character. A Tula baby carrier does not just look great but also offers the ideal comfort when carrying your baby.

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In our webshop you can buy several Tula models online, such as the Tula free to grow, the Tula ToddlerTula Explore and Tula Lite. But what are the differences between these models, we have listed it for you.

The Tula free to grow carrier carrier is a baby carrier suitable from birth, size 56 (7 lbs / 3.5 kg) to size 86/92 (45 lbs / 20 kg). The baby carrier is adjustable in height and width and grows with your baby. This makes this Tula baby carrier also the most popular model and available in many different trendy prints. You can carry your child on your stomach facing you and on your back.

The Tula Explore babycarrier has been given this name because your child can be carried on your stomach with the face forward, next to the back and on your stomach with the face towards you. By carrying your child face out in the Tula Explore baby carrier, you can discover the world together. This wearing position is only possible from the moment that your baby can independently keep their head straight and some children find it much more pleasant to lie against mom or dad with their face to you. Take a good look at what your baby likes best in the baby carrier. The Tula Explore baby carrier also has a folding collar with which you can support your baby's head well. This baby carrier is also suitable from birth, size 50 (7 lbs / 3.5 kg) to size 86/92 (45 lbs / 20 kg).

The Tula Baby Standard babycarrier is suitable from clothing size 68/74 (approximately 15 lbs / 7 kg) to clothing size 86/92 (45 lbs / 20 kg). You can carry your child on your stomach facing you and on your back. This makes this baby carrier ideal when, for example, you have started wearing in a sling and now that your little one is a little older, want to switch to a baby carrier. Or you are going on a first longer holiday and want to bring a handy baby carrier, then the Tula Standard is also very suitable. If you want to use the Tula Baby Standard from birth, you can buy a separate Tula insert, or look at one of the other baby carriers from Tula.

The Tula Toddler carrier is a carrier for slightly older children, from children's clothing size 86/92 to size 104/110 (up to 60 lbs / 27 kg). This baby carrier is a great solution if you want to extend carrying of your child. With this carrier you can carry your child on your stomach facing you and on your back.

All Tula baby carriers have versions with cool mesh fabric, these are called "coast". The back panel of the baby carrier consists of airy breathable fabric. The baby carriers are pleasant to wear in the summer at warmer temperatures. You and your child will not get warm as quickly due to the fine breathable fabric. Are you curious about which Tula baby carriers are equipped with cool mesh, then look at the Tula Coast carrier models.

A Tula baby carrier not only looks great, but also makes carrying your baby or toddler pleasant. Due to the ergonomic design of Tula, the weight of your baby or toddler is evenly distributed over your shoulders, back and hips. Every Tula baby carrier is also easy to use. You can easily put on the baby carrier yourself. Do mom and dad both want to use the baby carrier? Which can. Tula baby carriers are easy to adjust to the size of the wearer. Whichever model you choose, all Tula baby carriers have the same ergonomic carrying system. The hip and shoulder straps are also lined for optimal comfort.

After the Tula Free to Grow carrier you can switch to the toddler carriers from Tula: the Tula Toddler and the Tula Preschool. The main differences are mainly the size and the maximum weight.

Carrier Size backpanel Weight Indication clothing size
Tula Toddler 45 cm high and 48 cm width   11 - 27 kg   86 - 104/110
Tula Preschool   51 cm high and 50,4 width 16 - 32 kg 98 - 110/116