Isara The One babycarrier

Isara The ONE was designed to become your everyday guardian angel, a fitting companion for all your family travels around the world, sprinkled with a dose of simplicity, innovation and elegance. Leave your worries at the gate, as The ONE will easily wear even your tallest preschooler on all your exciting adventures. Embrace the ultimate carrying experience from birth to preschool regardless of being short, tall, plus size or having a small waistline. The ONE really fits ALL.

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Isara The One Diamonda Northern Lights babycarrier

Isara The One Diamonda...

Price €147.93
  • New
Isara The One Pixelated Blue Planet babycarrier

Isara The One Pixelated...

Price €147.93
  • New
Isara The One Diamonda Play of Lights babycarrier

Isara The One Diamonda Play...

Price €147.93
Isara The One Bluestone babycarrier

Isara The One Bluestone...

Price €123.14
Isara The One Scarlet babycarrier

Isara The One Scarlet...

Price €123.14
Isara The One Caffe Latte

Isara The One Caffe Latte...

Price €123.14
Isara The One Ruby Code babycarrier

Isara The One Ruby Code...

Price €141.32
Isara The One Black-a-porter babycarrier - canvas collection

Isara The One...

Price €116.53
Isara The One Royal Orchid babycarrier - canvas collection

Isara The One Royal Orchid...

Price €116.53
Isara The One Rose Eden babycarrier - canvas collection

Isara The One Rose Eden...

Price €116.53
Isara The One Manhattan babycarrier - canvas collection

Isara The One Manhattan...

Price €116.53
Isara The One Diamonda Grey babycarrier

Isara The One Diamonda Grey...

Price €141.32

Babycarrier Isara The One fully adjustable

Isara The One is the latest innovation to a regular fully adjustable carrier, a revolutionary product, enabling the wearer to adjust the height and width to an extreme adjustability, in order to fit all shapes and sizes, from petite, tall or even plus size parents with newborns, toddlers and even preschoolers. Transitioning from newborn to preschooler is done in just one step, with THE ONE.

Adjustability like you’ve never seen before, in one single carrier! It truly fits, every single time! Try it and feel the innovation!

Features of the Isara The One carrier

  • suitable for wearing newborns, starting with 3 kg (6.6 lbs) up to preschoolers at 20kg (44lbs).
  • from clothingsize 50/56 tot 110.
  • Including Isara The One seat extenders for pre-school age
  • The ONE is woven in 100% Jacquard organic cotton,
  • certified GOTS (The Global Organic Textile Standard) for organic natural fibres.
  • The fabric is suitable for all season.
  • Made of high-quality materials, from buckles, straps, webbings to Velcro, recognized even in the automobile industry for resistance and endurance.
  • Wash only when necessary to increase the life of your carrier. In case of stains on the fabric, clean with soap and warm water and let it dry. When using the washing machine, please make sure you use a mild detergent and a delicate cycle. Do not tumble dry! Please ensure all buckles are fastened before washing!

Isara covers

Also chackout the stylish Isara rain and winter covers.