Mamalila maternity and babywearing coats

You can carry your baby in many ways, in the belly, on your belly and on your back. The Mamalila coats have different inserts to help you with every way of wearing. All Mamalila jackets can be worn as a maternity coat, with the exception of the jackets for men. You can then adjust the jacket to use when you carry your baby in a baby carrier, on the stomach or on the back. And you can also just use the jacket, for yourself.

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This is the 3-in-1 concept of the Mamalila jackets. Rather than developing one jacket for each of the different stages of motherhood, Mamalila is committed to the 3-in-1 concept and thus to sustainability in the best sense. A Mamalila coat is destined to last for years in the family and is therefore made of particularly high-quality, durable materials.

Mamalila baby jackets are easy and intuitive to use

Mamalila coats are easy to use, otherwise the many functions are not used. Mamalila's jackets come with inserts that can be easily zipped or buttoned into the jacket, making it a position or babywearing jacket as needed. The baby insert has many details, such as an adjustable hood.

Mamalila coats are stylish and timeless

The babywearing jackets from Mamalila have a design in which the closures for the inserts are subtly incorporated in the jacket. This makes the jacket timeless and can be used well beyond the babywearing period. The design is classic and stylish, the production of high quality.

Mamalila and sustainability

At Mamalila, sustainable production and use of responsible materials is a high priority in the production of the babywearing coats. The aim is to keep the ecological footprint as small as possible. For example, the following is taken into account when using materials and substances:

  • Organic: Mamalila only uses organic cotton from controlled organic cultivation.
  • Reusable: Where possible, recycled or recyclable fibers are used.
  • Innovative: newly developed materials are excellent alternatives to animal products such as down.
  • Skin and environmentally friendly: Mamalila avoids substances that can accumulate in the ecosystem or even in humans, not only when wearing the jacket, but also during production and sale, through evaporation.

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