Babywearing in the summer

Using a baby carrier in the summer or in warm weather is great, both for you and your baby. Wearing in the summer is possible with a newborn baby as well as with a toddler or toddler. But how do you best carry your child in warm weather? We give 5 tips!

Tips for carrying your baby in a baby carrier in warm weather

1 Choose a cool baby carrier for the summer

Use a baby carrier made of breathable Cool Air Mesh material. This material ensures better ventilation of the baby carrier, so that you and your child stay cool even at warm temperatures. Often these baby carriers also have a removable hood that protects from the sun and offers privacy during breastfeeding or while your baby is sleeping. Examples of these baby carriers are: the Beco Toddler Cool, Tula Coast Carrier, Ergobaby 360 Cool Air or Tula Toddler Coast Vacation. View our entire collection of baby carriers for warm weather here

2 Put your child on less clothes in the baby carrier

When it is warmer outside, you automatically dress less thickly. Less and lighter clothing is also good for your child. Especially because a baby carrier means a layer more for your baby. Keep this in mind when dressing your child. Taking socks off, for example, already saves some heat. In very hot weather or in a heat wave, a romper or diaper is often sufficient for your baby.

Tip: Place a hydrophilic cloth between you and your baby to absorb the sweat, making wearing less sticky.

3 Use sunscreen, also in the baby carrier

Use sunscreen for your child and yourself when you go out with the baby carrier in warm weather. Do not forget the neck, the back of the knee, behind the ears and the soles of the feet of your baby.

4 Stay in the shade with your baby in the baby carrier

Stay in the shade as much as possible when it is very hot. Take walks with your child in the baby carrier in the morning or evening and avoid the sun during the hottest part of the day. And also give your child a sun hat and sunglasses against the bright sun. If you do need to be in full sun, a parasol or umbrella can provide the necessary protection.

5 Drink enough

It is important for everyone to drink plenty of water in hot weather. This applies even more if you are breastfeeding or you exert yourself a lot (for example by looking after a small child :-)). Also keep a close eye on your child when you are on the road with the baby carrier and give it extra sips of water in between. Did you know that your breast milk adapts to your baby when it is warm? The milk will then contain more water to quench the thirst. Incidentally, it is not at all bad to latch on your child more often on a hot day.

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Babywearing in the summer