Isara Quick Full Buckle

The Isara Quick Full Buckle Carrier is the ultimate simplicity in terms of adjustable compact baby carriers. It offers everything you need in an adjustable daily use baby carrier, at a super attractive price! It's extremely easy to use and it’s the best choice for a beginner in the babywearing world who wants the ultimate wearing solution without diving deep into the babywearing world.

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ISARA Quick Full Buckle babycarrier

ISARA Quick Full Buckle Carrier offers you everything you need in an adjustable baby carrier, in the simplest, most compact form.

At its core, ISARA Quick Full Buckle Carrier is a statement of SIMPLICITY. Everything makes sense. As simple as that. No complicated procedures. A few seconds is all it takes to be ready, nothing more - buckled up in 2 clicks. It's quicker than Quick.

Buckling ISARA Quick Full Buckle Carrier feels like there’s a babywearing mentor encrypted in a baby carrier, guiding parents on their way to buckle up their babies close to their hearts

ISARA Quick Full Buckle Carrier was made to comfortably wear your baby up to reaching toddlerhood, body size between 50 cm and 98 cm long (19.7 inches and 38.6 inches).

The length and the height adjust simultaneously, with 2 in 1 Quick Adjustment System.

Features of the Isara Quick Full Buckle

  • made to comfortably wear babies from size 50 - 98 cm (child weight 3 kg - 20 kg (6.6 - 44 lbs)
  • suitable for front, hip and back carry
  • provides proper thigh support for baby’s development
  • 2-in1 Quick adjustment system for adjusting the height and width of the panel
  • Follow me through shoulder straps webbings to make sure they never get twisted.
  • Innovative padded and crossable shoulder straps that connect one to another
  • hipbelt pocket for your personal belongings
  • additinal padded openings for the child’s comfort
  • 2-in1 detachable and adjustable hood for extra neck support or head protection
  • premium, lightweight memory foam waist belt for comfortable babywearing
  • luxurious 100% organic cotton Jacquard weave
  • body panel width: min. 16 cm (6 in) - max. 42 cm (16 in)
  • body panel height: min. 30 cm (12 in) - max. 45 cm (18 in)
  • waist belt: min. 60 cm (24 in) - max. 160 cm (63 in)
  • shoulder straps length: min. 46 cm (18 in) - max. 135 cm (53 in)