Tula Explore

The Tula Explore is the Tula baby carrier in which you can carry your baby ergonomically in several ways. Belly to belly and with your baby's face forward! It is also possible to carry your baby on your back. The Tula Explore lasts a long time. You can use this baby carrier from birth until your child weighs 20 kg.

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Tula Explore baby carrier has an innovative back panel

Your child will always receive sufficient support in a Tula baby carrier. The innovative of the Tula Explore is the handy button system in the back. This ensures that you can easily adjust the baby carrier to the size of your child. Whichever position you choose, your child is always in the natural M-position.

Forward carrying in the Tula Explore babycarrier

Do you want to let your baby discover the world from the baby carrier? In the Tula Explore it is possible to carry your baby forward. Only do this if your baby can sit up independently and keep its head straight. Also make sure that the chin is clear of the top of the backpanel of the baby carrier. Carrying forward is recommended for children between 5.8 kg and 10 kg. Pay attention to overstimulation, only carry your baby forward for short periods and do not let your child sleep in this position.

General Specifications Tula Explore

  • From birth (3.2 kg to 20 kg) to toddler without an infant insert
  • Clothing size 56 - 86/92
  • 3 ergonomic carrying positions: back and stomach (2x)
  • Innovative back panel: adjustable in 3 widths and 2 heights
  • Easily adaptable
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • Wide padded hip belt with front pocket
  • Extra padded on the legs
  • Includes detachable sleeping cap
  • Material: breathable lightweight twill, 100% Oeko-tex standard 100

The Tula Explore comes in different exciting prints!

The Tula Explore is available in several versions with different motifs, you can see them all here: Tula Explore!

Also read our blog about the differences between the Tula baby carrier models: Which Tula baby carrier is for you?

With the Tula Explore babycarrier you have multiple positions to carry your baby including facing in, back carry and front facing out. Each position provides a natural, ergonomic position best for comfortable carrying that promotes healthy hip and spine development for baby. The Tula Explore adjusts in three width settings to find a perfect fit as your baby grows from newborn to early toddlerhood. The Tula Explore can be used from 3,2 - 20,4 kg.

The Tula Explore Baby Carrier enables you to carry your baby in the forward facing out (world facing) position while still providing the same adjustable width settings as the Tula Free To Grow Carrier. The Tula Explore Carrier also features a padded, neck support pillow that can be adjusted to provide head and neck support for newborns, or to add extra panel height for taller babies. The Tula Free to Grow Carrier offers two carry positions, front facing-in and back carry. The Tula Explore Carrier is the only carrier that additionally offers a front facing-out carry position. Both carriers allow you to carry your baby from birth (3,2 – 20,4 kg).

A Tula manual is always included in the box when purchasing a new Tula baby carrier. There are also many instructional videos to be found online. If you would like to receive an extra manual, please contact us at: Babymaxi.com

The hip belt of the Tula Explore has a maximum length of 145 cm. This means that the Tula baby carrier fits almost every carrier (from XS to XXXL). The many prints in which the Tula Explore is available ensures that there is a carrier for everyone's taste.

A wonderful benefit of all Tula Carriers is the ability to nurse baby while they are being carried. To do this, you can loosen your arm straps and lower the waistband, without unbuckling any buckles, and position baby to your chest. You will want to reposition baby once they are done feeding or if they fall asleep