BeSafe, a family-owned Norwegian company, has a rich history dating back to 1919 when it initially produced horse saddles. In 1959, the company ventured into car interiors before pioneering the production of high-quality car seats for children in 1963.

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With over a century of expertise, BeSafe has continuously evolved, aligning its offerings with the changing needs of modern families. Today, the Torgersen family, the original founders, still own the company. While BeSafe may not be the largest car seat producer globally, it takes immense pride in being the ultimate choice for safety and comfort when selecting a car seat for your child. 

BeSafe's Commitment to Safety: 

BeSafe, synonymous with 'Scandinavian safety,' prioritizes safeguarding children on the go. While renowned for its rear-facing car seats, BeSafe extends its commitment beyond automobiles. In collaboration with Trageschule, BeSafe has developed innovative solutions for parents to transport their children safely. The BeSafe Haven baby carrier and the BeSafe Newborn Haven carrier for newborns offer ergonomic designs, ensuring unparalleled comfort for both child and parent. Crafted from luxuriously soft Tencel, these carriers epitomize the mantra: "Carry in comfort, always, all ways." 

Advancements in Comfort: 

In 2021, BeSafe introduced carriers crafted entirely from breathable Mesh fabric. This revolutionary material is up to 8 times more breathable than traditional fabrics, enhancing comfort levels for both infants and parents. BeSafe's dedication to providing superior comfort echoes its core mission of ensuring children's safety, not just within cars but also outside, in every aspect of their journeys.