Tula Free to Grow

Discover the Tula Free To Grow Baby Carrier - The Perfect Blend of Comfort and Convenience. The adjustable, ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit for both you and your little one, from infancy through toddlerhood. Explore the world together in style and comfort with Tula Free To Grow.

Tula Free to Grow Carrier is available in different models in terms of colours and designs. So, you can always choose the style that suits you most. The Tula Free to Grow Carrier is the ideal choice if you intend to carry your child for quite some time. As this is a model that you can use immediately after birth. The baby carrier is developed in such a way that you can continue to use it till your child has about clothing size 86. This way you can comfortably carry your child near you as newborn, baby and toddler and you have your hands free.

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Discover Unparalleled Comfort and Convenience with the Tula Free To Grow Baby Carrier

When it comes to baby carriers, the Tula Free To Grow stands out as a true game-changer. Designed with both babies and parents in mind, this carrier combines comfort, style, and versatility to make your parenting journey easier and more enjoyable.

Tula Free To Grow: A Revolution in Babywearing

The heart of the Tula Free To Grow is its ergonomic design. From the tiniest infants to curious toddlers, this carrier seamlessly adjusts to your baby's size and needs. No infant insert required! This means you can start using it right from birth, offering your little one the close, comforting embrace they crave.

Comfort Beyond Compare

Comfort is a top priority for parents and babies alike, and the Tula Free To Grow delivers. The carrier's thoughtful design ensures that both you and your baby stay comfortable during your adventures together. Padded shoulder straps and a wide waistband evenly distribute your baby's weight, reducing strain on your back and shoulders.

Stylish and Functional

Who says baby gear can't be stylish? The Tula Free To Grow offers a range of chic and trendy patterns to suit your personal style. Whether you prefer classic solids or playful prints, there's a Tula Free To Grow carrier that fits your aesthetic. It's like a fashionable accessory for both you and your baby!

Explore the World Together

With the Tula Free To Grow, there are no limits to where you can go. This carrier allows you to keep your baby close while you explore the great outdoors, run errands, or simply take a leisurely stroll through the park. Say goodbye to the hassle of lugging around a stroller or dealing with the impracticality of a traditional carrier.

Versatility That Grows With Your Baby

One of the standout features of the Tula Free To Grow is its adaptability. It's designed to support your baby's development from infancy through toddlerhood. As your little one grows and gains new skills, this carrier grows with them, accommodating their changing needs.

Easy to Use, Easy to Love

We understand that parents need products that simplify their lives, and the Tula Free To Grow does just that. Putting it on and taking it off is a breeze, thanks to its user-friendly design. You can confidently secure your baby in seconds, allowing you to focus on what really matters—bonding with your child.

The Tula Free To Grow Difference

In a world filled with baby carriers, the Tula Free To Grow stands out as the ultimate choice for modern parents who want the best for their babies and themselves. It's not just a carrier; it's a lifestyle. It's about being there for every moment, creating memories, and embracing the joy of parenthood.

Discover the Tula Free To Grow Today

Your baby's comfort, your style, and your adventures matter. The Tula Free To Grow baby carrier is here to enhance every aspect of your parenting journey. So why wait? Discover the Tula Free To Grow today and experience the freedom of babywearing like never before.

In conclusion, the Tula Free To Grow baby carrier is your ticket to comfort, style, and unforgettable moments with your baby. It's more than just a carrier; it's a lifestyle choice that empowers you to explore the world together. Don't miss out on this opportunity to make your parenting journey even more incredible. Get your Tula Free To Grow today and let the adventures begin!

The Tula Free to Grow baby carrier can be used from clothing size 56 to size 86/92. The minimum weight of the child must be 3.5 kg. The baby carrier can therefore be used soon after birth up to an age of approximately 2.5 years, depending on the growth of your baby.

The Tula Free to Grow is an adjustable baby carrier, which means that you can adjust the dimensions of the back in width and height. When your baby is small you need a smaller back piece than when your baby is toddler.

The Tula Free to Grow Carrier is a new model baby carrier and has the advantage compared to the existing models that it does not require an insert for the smallest babies. The seat has namely three positions and can be made wider. You do this by spreading the fabric and fastening the push buttons at the right width. The buttons cannot be felt and the fabric of the carrier covers these. Due to the seat widening option there is always the best knee to knee support. The Free to Grow Carrier of Tula has a sleeping cap that offers support if your child falls asleep.

With the Tula Free to Grow baby carrier you can carry both on your stomach and on your back. You start carrying on your stomach with your baby facing you. When your little one can sit independently, you can also carry your back.

Ergonomic babywearing comfort is provided. The Tula Free to Grow Carrier has comfortable shoulder straps. These have an extra filling that ensures for an excellent distribution of the weight. The straps are adjustable, so the carrying height of the carrier can be adjusted. Around the position where the legs of the child are, there is extra filling. The hip belt is extra wide and solid and contributes to experiencing optimum comfort.

For a newborn, it is important that the child is carried in the frog position. The Tula Free to Grow Carrier offers this position, whereby the perfect seating position is realised. It is best to carry newborns and babies on the stomach. When you child is a toddler you can change the carrying position and you can carry the carrier on your back.

When choosing a Tula baby carrier, you can take into account the age of your baby because there are several models available, the Tula Standard Baby Carrier, which is the standard model, the Tula free to grow, the Tula Explore, the Tula Lite and the Tula Toddler & Preschool.

Read more information  about the differences between the Tula models on our Tula page.

Yes! The Tula free to grow baby carrier is a baby carrier with which you can carry your belly and carry your back. You can start back carrying when your child can hold its head up independently and sit (and remain) on its own. The muscles in the neck and torso are then sufficiently developed to comfortably travel on your back in the Tula free to grow back baby carrier.