Boba is an exclusive brand that has the aim to design baby products so you can carry your baby as comfortable as possible. Therefore, you can buy a Boba Baby Carrier if you want to go for practical convenience or you can choose an authentic baby sling. Especially for little babies this brand has designed a comfortable Boba Wrap Organic.

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A Boba Carrier is a baby carrier that you can use immediately after the birth of your baby from a weight of 3,5 kg to approximately 20 kg. This means that you and your child can enjoy this for many years. A feature of the baby carriers is that they have a high back panel and therefore older children are more comfortable when they are for instance carried on the back.

The ergonomic design makes sure that you and your baby are as comfortable as possible while carrying on your stomach or back. The shoulder straps are wide so they don’t squeeze your shoulders. Furthermore, the weight of your child is equally divided with the Boba Carrier. Because of the design the baby carrier is not just suitable to overcome short distances but you can also go for long distance walks with your baby.

Maybe nice to know that the brand Boba came from an idea from a father and mother, who made a trip around the world with their children. During the trip through different countries the design of the first baby carrier was realised. This was really a great success and soon after more models were designed.

Do you have a bigger child apart from your baby? Maybe it might be a nice idea to also order a Boba Mini doll carrier. So you can carry your baby in the baby carrier and your older child can carry a baby doll in the doll carrier.

We offer you the possibility to make a choice from our assortment for a Boba Baby Carrier or baby sling, you can see the features for yourself and compare them. This will help you to make the best choice and you can order the Boba Carrier or baby sling direct online.

The most popular baby carriers from Boba are the Boba X and the Boba 4G. Both models of baby carriers come in beautiful and trendy designs and can be used from birth (size 56). The Boba X does not have a separate insert for this, with the Boba 4G you do use the supplied baby insert at the beginning.

The Boba 4G baby carrier is a baby carrier that you can use from birth, from size 56. In the beginning you use the included baby insert in the baby carrier to carry your child ergonomically and comfortably. From size 68/74 you can omit these. The great thing about the Boba 4G is that it has a high back and footrests are included. This allows you to use the baby carrier up to approximately 98/104, longer than most baby carriers.

You can buy the Boba wrap at!

Boba has a number of different models of baby carriers.
The Boba X is a baby carrier with which you can carry your little one from birth up to a clothing size of approximately 92. The Boba X stands out because of its trendy design and beautiful details.
The Boba 4G baby carrier has a separate baby insert so you can use it from birth. The Boba 4G differs from other baby carriers because of the high back, which means that it can still be used up to size 98 – 104. The included footrests provide extra support.
The Boba 4Gs is the Boba 4G baby carrier but without the footrests. You can use the baby carrier up to about size 92.
The Boba Wrap is a stretchy wrap. A stretchy wrap is easy to use, you can tie the wrap first and then put your baby in it.
The Boba Hoodie is a pullover. The Boba Hoodie can be used over the baby carrier or sling and offers you some extra protection and warmth on cold days.
The Boba Mini carriers are the super cute doll carriers from Boba.