The 10 benefits of carrying in a baby carrier

1. A baby carrier is easy to use
2. A baby carrier is safe and ergonomic for you and your baby
3. A baby carrier is practical for everyday life
4. A baby carrier is a great way to comfort your baby
5. Contributing contributes to a good bond between parent and child
6. A baby carrier is good for the development of your child
7. A baby carrier is useful with toddlers and preschoolers
8. Your child grows he baby carrier grows with your child
9. Baby carriers come in all colors and many trendy and hip designs
10. Carrying your baby in a baby carrier is just fun!

1. A baby carrier is easy to use: with quick buttons or a simple click system

Many people think of the word baby carrier as difficult buttons and complicated instructions. But nowadays there are many new types of baby carriers available that are very quick and easy to use. No more hassle with long cloths, but easy buttons, simple buckles, adjustable straps or even just Velcro. Most baby carriers can also be washed in the washing machine. Baby carriers are therefore a godsend for parents who want to carry their child in a baby carrier, but do not feel like hassle. Many baby carriers in our webshop have handy instruction videos!

2. With a baby carrier you carry your child safely and ergonomically

All baby carriers in our webshop are ergonomically shaped. Ergonomic means safe and comfortable for both the child and the wearer. Ergonomic baby carriers promote a natural position of your child while it is in the baby carrier. These baby carriers can also be adjusted in such a way that the weight is well distributed over your shoulders, hips and back. This prevents shoulder, neck and back complaints. Read more about ergonomic wearing.

3. A baby carrier is practical: your child close by and your hands free

A baby carrier or sling is very practical. Especially if you are often on the road or are busy at home a lot. You have your hands free to do other things while having your baby close to you. Especially if you have more children who need attention, it is more convenient to have your smallest in a baby carrier than to keep it on your arm. With a baby carrier you can also easily walk or shop with your child and use public transport. In short, a baby carrier is the best and most practical way to carry a child!

4. With a baby carrier you can comfortably comfort and cradle your baby

You can comfort your baby easily in a baby carrier. By your movements you cradle and rock your child automatically. Just like you did when your baby was still in your womb. This makes your child feel safe and secure. You will also notice faster if your baby is falling asleep through the baby carrier and you can put him or her to bed on time. Or you let your child sleep comfortably with you in the sling! Research shows that babies who are carried not only fall asleep faster, but also sleep longer.

If your baby is in the baby carrier with you, you will notice it more quickly when he is hungry. The swing in your baby carrier also works wonders against colic. Moreover, a baby carrier is a godsend for babies who spit a lot or who suffer from reflux. Because in the baby carrier you can easily carry your child upright. And last but not least: research shows that body contact with the mother best helps against crying.

5. A baby carrier is good for the bonding between parent and child

Research shows that babies who are carried in a baby carrier or sling are better attached than babies who are not carried. Because the basic necessities of babies are touch, love and security! Nice and close to you, your child feels your warmth and hears your reassuring heartbeat. That gives your baby peace and confidence. And for yourself it is also wonderful to hold your little one against you a lot. Mothers experience less stress and depression if they have skin-to-skin contact with their baby for several hours a day. So wearing is the perfect way to strengthen your bond.

6. A baby carrier is good for the development of your child

A baby carrier supports your child's physical development. This way it helps against (the chance of) a flattened head. Because as long as your child is in a baby carrier, it does not lie with its head in the playpen or on a rug and there is no pressure on the head, which can cause a flattened head. You can also prevent hip dysplasia by wearing it in an ergonomic way. The frog position (legs spread and knees higher than the buttocks) actually stimulates good hip development. More physical benefits from being carried.

7. Baby carriers are also useful with toddlers and preschoolers

A baby carrier is not only suitable for babies, but also for older children. We even have baby carriers with a load capacity of up to 27 kg and clothing size 136! From your baby carrier, your child will discover the world, from baby to toddler age!

A baby carrier is ideal if you go to the playground and supermarket nearby, or further afield to a park, forest or the beach. With a baby carrier you will not lift or carry your child, who sometimes wants to walk on his own but also often wants to be carried, for too long or in the wrong way. This way you prevent it from shooting in your back.

When you go hiking, with a baby carrier you will no longer only choose the walking route that is suitable for prams and which is often a lot more boring. A baby carrier also offers a solution when on holiday. Some parents even leave the pram or buggy at home, which saves luggage space in the car or plane and you don't have to hassle with unfolding the buggy all the time.

Tip: Will your son or daughter have a brother or sister soon? Or does your toddler take his or her doll everywhere? Then give a doll carrier as a gift, so you can carry it with you wherever you go!

8. A baby carrier is a sustainable purchase, because it grows with your child

Most baby carriers can be used immediately after birth and can be readjusted over and over as your child grows, often into toddler or infancy. This way you can enjoy your purchase for a long time. Pay close attention to the size when purchasing and look at the description up to what weight or age you can use the baby carrier.

9. Baby carriers come in many trendy and hip designs + fun accessories!

Baby carriers come in all shapes, sizes and colors! Something for everyone! Take a look at our webshop and be surprised by the many nice designs and models.

Also take a look at our fun accessories, such as baby carriers, baby carriers, baby hats and doll carriers. A doll carrier is a super nice gift for your toddler or toddler. This allows your child - just like you - to take her or his doll everywhere!

10. Carrying in a baby carrier is just fun!

Many parents and caregivers of small children will agree that wearing is fun! Carrying small children is a very natural thing, it has been around as long as humanity has existed. You fulfill the (mutual!) Basic need for physical contact with it. With a baby carrier you can cherish the time when your baby is so small while in the meantime you are flexible to deal with practical tasks. Sniff that lovely baby scent for as long as possible!

We know from experience that the baby carrier or wrap often acquires an emotional value. Because the baby carrier reminds you of the many beautiful moments when your child was still small. It's cliché but true: small children grow up quickly. With a baby carrier you can enjoy your precious time even more when your child is still small.

How do you choose the best ergonomic baby carrier for you and your child?

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The 10 benefits of carrying in a baby carrier