A Manduca baby carrier can already be used for a newborn baby, so your baby can lovely be carried on your stomach. You can even have years of pleasure from it because the Manduca baby carriers are designed so you can carry a child up to 20 kilos.

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Manduca baby carrier

In the beginning it will be most pleasant and best for the baby and yourself to carry your baby on the stomach with its face towards you. Later on it will be nicer for your baby to look at the surroundings from the Manduca baby carrier. There are a number of advantages connected to the use of a baby carrier and of course more specific to the baby carrier from Manduca.

Common advantage of the use of a baby carrier is that your baby is close to you and especially for newborn babies this is the most ideal situation. The bond between parent and child will be close from the start. Your baby can closely feel, smell, see and hear you. Plus, a baby carrier is also very practical. You have your hands free to do some minor household chores for example or to go shopping. A baby carrier is also a godsend for public transport as you don’t have the hassle with a pram or buggy.

The advantage of a Manduca baby carrier is that it is always ergonomically shaped regardless the model. Both you and your baby will experience optimum comfort. The shoulder straps don’t squeeze but feel comfortable and the straps can be adjusted to the right position. During the carrying, the weight is perfectly spread so you will not experience any problems with your shoulders of back. Apart from the possibility to carry your baby on your stomach the Manduca baby carriers is also suitable to carry your baby on the hip or back later on.

You can find the Manduca XT version on our website.