Tula Preschool

The Tula Preschool is specially designed to carry your child as a toddler, from approx. 3 years (clothing size 98, 16 kg) to 5/6 years (clothing size 110/116, 32 kg), or as long as your child is properly in the carrier sit!


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Tula Preschool carrier for toddlers!

The Tula Preschool is for you if you want to carry your child a little longer. You carry your child comfortably and ergonomically, for example in busy places, narrow walking paths, or when they are tired or ill.

Tula Preschool from size 98

The Tula Preschool is designed for children from 3 years (clothing size 98) to an age of approximately 5/6 years.


With the Tula Preschool you can carry your child on your back as well as on your stomach. If your child is still a bit light in weight, you can use the Preschool front carrier, but at a higher weight we recommend using the Tula Preschool as a back carrier. That gives you more freedom of movement.

Difference between Tula Preschool Carrier and Tula Toddler Carrier

The difference between the Tula Preschool carrier and the Tula Toddler carrier is in the dimensions. The back of the Tula Preschool is larger and the maximum weight is higher.

The back panel of the Tula Preschool is 51 cm high and 50.4 cm wide. The back of the Tula Toddler carrier is 45 cm high and 48 cm wide. With the Tula Preschool carrier, the weight to be carried is 16 to 32 kilos. With The Tula Toddler, the weight indication is 11 to 27 kilos.

You can widen the back of both the Tula Toddler and the Tula Preschool by 12 cm (6 cm on both sides) with the Tula Seat Extenders.


  • For children from approximately 3 years (clothing size 98, 16 kg) to 5/6 years (clothing size 110, 32 kg or as long as your child is sitting properly)
  • Belly and back carrier
  • Material: 100% ökotex-100 certified cotton
  • Padded shoulder straps and padded at the back of the knees for extra comfort
  • Pocket on the hip belt
  • Detachable sleeping hood
  • "Free to Grow" seat extension (sold separately) to widen the seating area 12 cm
  • Dimensions back: 51.1 cm high and 50.4 cm wide
  • Length hip belt: 77 cm to 150 cm
  • Length shoulder straps: 47 cm to 124 cm