Marsupi Breeze Pistachio babycarrier

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Marsupi Breeze Pistachio babycarrier

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You need to know this about the product

Baby Carrier Type
Baby Carrier
Suitable for
Weight baby
3,5 - 15 kg
Range clothing size
50/56 – 74/80
Clothingsize child
50, 56, 62, 68, 74, 80
Babywearing position
Front, hip
Position shoulder straps
Warm weather
Organic cotton


The Marsupi Breeze is the light version of the Marsupi. It is made of 60% linen and 40% cotton and therefore lighter and more breathable than the Marsupi. Ideal to wear during hot days or in the house!

The Marsupi is an ergonomic baby carrier which is very easy and fast to use. It has no buckles or buttons but closes with a strong and secure velcro belt.
You can carry your baby in the Marsupi Breeze from birth (3.5kg) to 15kg whereby the baby carrier is ideal for the first nine months (up to 10 kg). You can carry your baby on the front facing inward and on the hip.
The design of the Marsupi Breeze is simplistic and comfortable and makes babywearing accessible to everyone: You put on the hip belt, place your baby in the carrier, cross the shoulder straps on your back and close them on the front with velcro. Done! 
Also, the Marsupi Breeze baby carrier is small and compact and fits in any diaper bag. The shoulder straps are lined for comfort.
With an extra delivered seat adjuster you can easily change the width of the Marsupi's seat so that you can always carry your baby in the ergonomically correct M-position for a healthy hip development.
The Marsupi Breeze is available in 3 different sizes:
  • Size S / M: Suitable for parents < 1.80 m and a waist size of 65-100 cm
  • Size L: Suitable for parents < 1.80 m and a waist size from 75-105 cm
  • Size XL: Suitable for parents > 1.75 m and a waist size from 85-120 cm
Features of the Marsupi Breeze:
• From birth to 15 kg
• Front and hip carrier
• Velcro closing system, no buckles and buttons
• Size adjuster for newborns
• Integrated headrest
• Height back panel: 33 cm 
• Width back panel: 22-26 cm
• Weight approx. 200 g
• Machine washable at 30 degrees
• Made of 60% linen and 40% cotton
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