BeSafe Haven baby carrier Cloud Leaf

BeSafe Haven baby carrier Cloud Leaf
  • BeSafe Haven baby carrier Cloud Leaf
  • BeSafe Haven baby carrier Cloud Leaf
  • BeSafe Haven baby carrier Cloud Leaf
  • BeSafe Haven baby carrier bag
  • BeSafe Haven baby carrier detail
  • BeSafe Haven baby carrier detail

BeSafe Haven baby carrier Cloud Leaf


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You need to know this about the product

Baby Carrier Type
Baby Carrier
Suitable for
Weight baby
- 15 kg
Clothingsize child
56, 62, 68, 74, 80, 86
Babywearing position
Front, back, front outward
Position shoulder straps


Key Features of BeSafe Haven Baby Carrier:

  • Suitable from approximately 4 weeks (55 cm) to 3 years (max. 15 kg)
  • Three ergonomic carrying positions: front-facing inward, front-facing outward (from around five months), and back carry (from approximately nine months)
  • Patented Flex-Shape Buckle™ automatically adjusts to the wearer's size and body shape for a secure and comfortable fit
  • BeSafe Airgonomics™ cushion provides additional comfort in forward-facing position, balancing the baby's weight and easing the burden on parents
  • Adjustable shoulder straps with detachable Comfort Pads, can be crossed for versatility
  • Padded neck support, foldable for extra space and a wider view for older children
  • Soft breathable stretch material adapts to the baby's body, ensuring a pleasant experience
  • Wide, soft waist belt with safety buckle and convenient inner storage pocket for cards, keys, etc.
  • Padded soft zippers, removable sun canopy, and machine washable for easy maintenance
  • Approved by the International Hip Dysplasia Institute for supporting the baby's natural frog-leg position

How BeSafe Haven Baby Carrier Works:

BeSafe Haven, developed in collaboration with 'Die Trageschule,' offers an intuitive and comfortable babywearing experience:

  • Adaptive Flex-Shape Buckle™: Automatically adjusts to the wearer's body, eliminating the need for manual adjustments. It ensures a snug fit and effortless wearing, ideal for parents with back or shoulder concerns.
  • Innovative Airgonomics™ Cushion: Integrated into the waist belt, this patented cushion inflates to provide ergonomic support in forward-facing positions. It evenly distributes the baby's weight, enhancing parental comfort during extended wear.
  • Quality Materials: Crafted from durable polyester, Spandex for flexibility, Tencel™ for breathability, and cotton for softness, the carrier offers the perfect blend of comfort and support.
  • Versatile Carrying Positions: From the early weeks, parents can choose from inward-facing front carry and transition to forward-facing front carry (around five months). Later, back carry becomes a convenient option (around nine months). The carrier adapts seamlessly as the baby grows.

BeSafe Haven Baby Carrier ensures parents and babies experience the utmost comfort and security in every adventure, from infancy to toddlerhood.

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