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Tula Free to Grow Carrier 

Tula Free to Grow Carrier is available in different models in terms of colours and designs. So, you can always choose the style that suits you most. The Tula Free to Grow Carrier is the ideal choice if you intend to carry your child for quite some time. As this is a model that you can use immediately after birth. The baby carrier is developed in such a way that you can continue to use it till your child has about clothing size 86. This way you can comfortably carry your child near you as newborn, baby and toddler and you have your hands free.

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Tula Free to Grow Carrier Sleepy Dust

Tula Free to Grow Carrier...

Price €115.62

The Tula Free to Grow Carrier is a new model baby carrier and has the advantage compared to the existing models that it does not require an insert for the smallest babies. The seat has namely three positions and can be made wider. You do this by spreading the fabric and fastening the push buttons at the right width. The buttons cannot be felt and the fabric of the carrier covers these. Due to the seat widening option there is always the best knee to knee support. The Free to Grow Carrier of Tula has a sleeping cap that offers support if your child falls asleep.

Ergonomic babywearing with the Tula Free to Grow Carrier 

Ergonomic babywearing comfort is provided. The Tula Free to Grow Carrier has comfortable shoulder straps. These have an extra filling that ensures for an excellent distribution of the weight. The straps are adjustable, so the carrying height of the carrier can be adjusted. Around the position where the legs of the child are, there is extra filling. The hip belt is extra wide and solid and contributes to experiencing optimum comfort.

For a newborn, it is important that the child is carried in the frog position. The Tula Free to Grow Carrier offers this position, whereby the perfect seating position is realised. It is best to carry newborns and babies on the stomach. When you child is a toddler you can change the carrying position and you can carry the carrier on your back.

Different models Tula babycarriers

When choosing a Tula baby carrier, you can take into account the age of your baby because there are several models available, the Tula Standard Baby Carrier, which is the standard model, the Tula free to grow, the Tula Explore, the Tula Half-Buckle and the Tula Toddler.

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