Tula Lite Discover babycarrier

Tula Lite Discover
  • Tula Lite Discover
  • Tula Lite Discover
  • Tula Lite Discover
  • Tula Lite Discover
  • Tula Lite Discover
  • Tula Lite Discover
  • Tula Lite Babycarrier

Tula Lite Discover babycarrier


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You need to know this about the product

Baby Carrier Type
Baby Carrier
Suitable for
Weight baby
12-30 lbs (5.4 - 13.6 kg)
Clothingsize child
68, 74
Babywearing position
Front, Back
100% Nylon
Made in


The Tula Lite is a perfect carrier for families-on-the-go! The Tula Lite is ultra compact and can be used starting from 5,4 kilograms. This two-position carrier comes packed into a hip pouch and is easily tucked away and stored when not in use. Tula Lite is made from lightweight nylon ripstop fabric that is quick drying and bulk free. A convenient, compact carrier for outdoorsy families who like hiking, walking and travelling!

Take the Tula Lite carrier anywhere with you! 

The Tula Lite Carrier is all about efficiency with must-have features needed for a comfortable ergonomic babycarrier during the moments you need it most. It’s all you need for on-the-go babywearing. Families looking for a second carrier, or a carrier that packs easily will appreciate how the Tula Lite can conveniently be carried even when not in use. The Tula Lite Carrier’s roomy hip pouch, still accessible when the carrier is stored, provides added convenience while you travel light with your baby in tow.

Tula Lite practical carrier for baby’s first year

The Tula Lite Carrier offers the front facing in carry and the back carry options; with a recommended weight range of 5,4 - 13,6 kg. This stage in baby's development is when flexibility and ease of use are key. You'll be able to manage all of baby's ups and downs when they are most wanting to be carried. And carry your daily survival tools in the roomy hip pouch still accessible when the Tula Lite panel is stored.

General properties Tula Lite baby carrier

  • From 5,4 kg up to 13,6 kg
  • Ultra compact: stored in integrated hip pouch
  • 2 ergonomic carrying positions: front and back carry
  • Integrated hip pouch for storage with separate compartment for personal items
  • Lightly padded shoulder straps and leg support
  • Soft mesh lining to waist belt, shoulder straps and leg support
  • Material: 100% nylon ripstop: lightweight, water repellent and quick drying

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