Tula Free to Grow Hemp Citrine

Tula Free to Grow Hemp Citrine
  • Tula Free to Grow Hemp Citrine
  • Tula Free to Grow Hemp Citrine
  • Tula Free to Grow Hemp Citrine
  • Tula Free to Grow Hemp Citrine

Tula Free to Grow Hemp Citrine


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You need to know this about the product

Baby Carrier Type
Baby Carrier
Suitable for
Weight baby
3,5 - 20 kg
Range clothing size
56 – 86/92
Clothingsize child
56, 62, 68, 74, 80, 86, 92
Babywearing position
Front, Back
Position shoulder straps
Warm weather
45% organic cotton | 55% hemp
Made in


Tula Free to Grow Carrier is an ideal baby carrier to immediately carry your child from birth. It has an ergonomic design and grows with your child. You can use the Tula Free to Grow baby carrier for a long time till your child has clothing size 86. Furthermore, you do not need an insert to carry a newborn. 

Tula Hemp babycarriers

Hemp is a high-yielding crop in the cannabis family and its fibers are used to make a variety of commercial and industrial products, including rope, textiles, clothing, shoes, food, paper, bioplastics, insulation, and biofuel. You’ll also find hemp seeds and hemp oil used in home products and for health. 

In the textile industry, the fibers are spun into yarn to create fabric for all sorts of items like clothing and now processed into the Tule baby carriers!

Features of Hemp texture: 

  • The more you wash and wear, the softer it gets
  • Becomes softer and more supple through handling
  • Is a strong fibers
  • Is breathable and a natural insulators (keep you cool in summer and warm in winter)
  • Has antibacterial properties
  • Is biodegradable 

Tula Free to Grow baby carrier

Your child will always sit comfortably in the Tula Free to Grow Carrier. The seat has three positions, namely the position for the newborn, for the baby and for the toddler. Adjust the width of the carrier to provide ideal support to the back of the knee. That is namely the optimum ergonomic carrying position. If you set the Tula Free to Grow carrier at the lowest position, there is hardly any folding. This is because material is used that is a combination of twill textile and canvas. To adjust the baby carrier, you spread the fabric and fasten the push buttons at the right width. The buttons cannot be felt and the fabric of the carrier covers them.

At the moment that your child has a weight of about 3.5 kilograms or clothing size 56, there is the ideal posture. The weight is proportional distributed across your upper body. This means there is optimum babywearing comfort. Plus, the Tula Free to Grow Carrier is suitable for any type of posture. The carrier can be easily adjusted both in height as in width. This has the advantage that the seat, waistband, back panel, chest strap can be adjusted tailormade. If your partner has a different posture the Tula Free to Grow carrier can be adjusted.

Features of the Tula Free to Grow Carrier

  • For newborn, baby and toddler
  • No separate insert required
  • Clothing size 56 up to clothing size 86 and 3.5 kg up to 20 kg
  • Front and back carrier
  • made with 55% hemp and 45% organic cotton
  • biodegradable, hypoallergenic, and breathable in warmer climates
  • Extra comfort due to filling at the back of the knees
  • Seat with three width positions (13 – 38 cm)
  • Back panel with three height positions (28 – 43 cm)
  • Adjustable hip belt up to 114.5 cm
  • High wear comfort due to filled shoulder straps
  • Hip belt with small pocket (for keys or money)
  • Removable sleeping cap

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