When Back Carrying Baby

Back Carry

When can you start carrying your child on your back in the baby carrier? You can start back carrying from 4-6 months when your baby gets good neck control.

In the first months of life, babywearing is nicer, because you can see your baby and check whether your baby is properly seated in the carrier and not, for example, with the head hanging to the side or back. And you're much better off cuddling with your baby.

So you can carry your child on the back from the moment that your child can keep its head straight. In practice, most parents start with back carrying when front carrying becomes a bit heavier. This is usually around 10 kg, about 1 year old.

When you start back carrying, practice it a few times using your carrier's manual and watch some instructional videos. It is also important that your little one is in an ergonomic position when carrying on your back. 

Here you will find all baby carriers with which you can backcarry.

When Back Carrying Baby