What Ergobaby carrier?


Ergobaby is one of the largest brands of baby carriers and has a number of models of carriers. We explain the differences here as best as possible.

Ergobaby carrier up to what age

All Ergobaby baby carriers can be used up to approximately 2-3 years, children's clothing pants size 92.

Depending on the build of your child, you can use the Ergobaby carrier for longer than size 92. Make sure that your child sits ergonomically. Read more about what you should pay attention to with ergonomic posture in a baby carrier.

The only baby carrier that cannot be used up to size 92 is the Ergobaby Embrace. This super soft baby carrier from Ergobaby is intended for an age of approximately 1 year, pants size 68.

Ergobaby baby carrier from what age

You can use the Ergobaby baby carriers from birth, so from size 50/56 and from weight 3.5 kilograms.

Which Ergobaby baby carriers are there?

Ergobaby has a number of models of baby carriers, we list them here.

The Ergobaby Omni baby carrier

The Ergobaby Omni baby carrier can be used in four carrying positions. The baby carrier is a front carrier, back carrier and hip carrier in one! You can carry your child on your stomach in the baby carrier facing you, you can carry your child on your back (from a certain age), you can carry your child on the hip and you can carry your child on your stomach your child looks out into the world. With this last carrying position, you should always check whether your child likes it and does not become overstimulated.

The Ergobaby Omni carrier is again subdivided into four different carriers in the Ergobaby Omni Dream, the Ergobaby Omni Breeze, the Ergobaby Omni 360 and the Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh.

The Ergobaby Omni Dream and the Ergobaby Omni Breeze are the latest models from Ergobaby. The Ergobaby Omni Dream is 100% soft combed cotton and the Ergobaby Omni Breeze is made of 100% breathable Cool Air Mesh, making this baby carrier very well suited for active holidays and warmer temperatures.

The Ergobaby Omni 360 is made of cotton and the Ergobaby Omni 360 Cool Air Mesh is made of Cool Air Mesh, which makes this baby carrier great in the summer.

The Ergobaby Adapt baby carrier

You can carry your baby in three ways in the Ergobaby Adapt 2.0. On your stomach, facing you, on your hip and on your back. Whichever way you choose. You always adapt the baby carrier to your growing child. This means you always carry your child in the ergonomic M-position.

The Ergobaby Adapt baby carrier also has a cotton version and a version in breathable fabric. The Ergobaby Adapt 2.0 SoftTouch baby carrier is made of soft cotton. The Ergobaby Adapt 2.0 SoftFlex Mesh is made of breathable SoftFlex Mesh material and ensures better ventilation of the baby carrier.

The Ergobaby Embrace baby carrier

Do you want to give your baby security immediately after birth? You do that with the Ergobaby Embrace baby carrier. This extra soft baby carrier combines the comfort of a sling with the ease of use of a baby carrier. The Ergobaby Embrace is especially suitable for the little ones. Thanks to the soft material and the nice, close fit, your baby will nestle comfortably against you. The head is well supported by the padded collar at the neckline. You use the Embrace baby carrier right from birth. This way you carry your little one with you in a soft, comfortable and ergonomic way. You can carry your baby on your stomach in 2 positions: facing you and facing away from you. The Ergobaby Embrace baby carrier is intended for an age of approximately 1 year, pants size 68.

Ergobaby Wrap sling

The Ergobaby Wrap is a stretchable wrap intended for carrying your baby on your stomach. This baby wrap is stretchy and easy to use. You first tie the sling around you and then put your baby in the stretchy sling. This is useful, for example, when you are away by car, you can easily put your little one out of the car seat into the sling that you have already tied. The Ergobaby Wrap is easy to do. Use the logo as a reference point for the center, the seams as a reference point for the top/bottom and front/back. The narrow ends make it easy to tie knots. Ideal for young parents with newborn babies!

What Ergobaby carrier?