Why use a babycarrier?

When you see a mum carrying her baby in a baby carrier, it looks endearing and cozy. And that it is! Carrying your baby has many advantages. In this blog we mention a few.

Babycarrier gives baby sense of safety

Your child feels safe and comfortable with mom or dad. Babies have a great need for skin contact and proximity to parents that make them feel safe. The proximity in a baby carrier ensures that they hear (and feel) your heartbeat and that makes them calm.

Almost all babies and toddlers also love to be worn and it is often the secret recipe to let them sleep when your baby is restless. The rocking in the baby carrier has a calming effect. This again strengthens the bond between you and your child.

Carrying your baby can also help with reflux complaints. Reflux decreases when your child is held up for half an hour after feeding, a baby carrier can then offer a solution. Your child is sitting comfortably and you have your hands free.

Does your little one suffer from cramps? Then carrying your baby in a baby carrier is also a solution. The abdominal cramps can be reduced by carrying the belly of your child against your belly, with the knees pulled up. This is also the ergonomic carrying position that is recommended when carrying your child.

Babycarrier is practical

Carrying in a baby carrier is also extremely practical. You have your hands free to do your own thing for a while, from grocery shopping, taking a walk in the woods to drinking a cup of coffee in the city or do some household chores. By going your own way, your child often becomes calm, you are relaxed and this spreads to your child.

Here you will find our entire range of baby carriers. Use the filter bar to narrow your search. On the homepage you will also find a decision aid that helps you find the right baby carrier. Babymaxi.com has a suitable baby carrier for everyone. Choose the one that best suits you and your child. Do you have any questions? Please contact us.

Why use a babycarrier?