BabyDorm Filling Material

BabyDorm Filling Material
  • BabyDorm Filling Material
  • BabyDorm Filling Material

BabyDorm Filling Material

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To make the BabyDorm as comfortable as possible for your child, each pillow has a zipper that allows you to easily add filling material to avoid your baby's head touching the mattress while growing.

In this case, your BabyDorm size 1 can be used for a longer period of time, before having to purchase size 2.
This is how you can determine whether a refill is needed:
Slide your hand under the back of the BabyDorm while your baby is lying on it. If the head is touching the mattress then you need to add some filling material. Open the zipper and fill only so much filling material evenly into the pillow so that the head is "floating" and your child is lying straight again. To refill one BabyDorm pillow only 30 g of filling material is sufficient. 
Please do not add filling material in the neck bar, i.e. in the narrow area below the circular recess of the pillow. 
Before washing the pillow in the washing machine, please take some of the filling material out of the pillow.
Do not let loose filling material in the reach of your child to avoid danger of suffocation or swallowing. 
• Quantity: 30 grams
• Material: polyester hollow fiber balls
• Washable at 60 ° degrees
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