Bondolino Plus One Size

Bondolino is a carrier for your baby and is available in various versions and originates from the Hoppediz series. A Bondolino baby carrier is pre-shaped and ideal to carry your newborn baby on your stomach. When your child is a bit older you can also choose to carry your child on your hip or on your back till they approximately reach the weight of 20 kilos.

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Features of the Bondolino Plus One Size

The Bondolino baby carrier contains unique features and each model has different specific characteristics. Thus, the Bondolino Poplin has other features than the Classic and Light version. From the base each model offers great comfort for parent and child.

A Bondolino baby carrier is featured by the combination of the comfort that is provided by the baby sling and the practical convenience of a baby carrier. It is also very easy to wear a Bondolino baby carrier and to carry your baby on your stomach or back. All versions come with a sleeping cap and are equipped with wide padded shoulder straps, so that the weight of your child is very well divided. This is important as it prevents back and shoulder complaints.

Hoppediz is the brand behind the Bondolino baby carriers and has knowingly made the choice not to provide the baby carriers with hard fasteners. For that reason, the comfort of carrying can be best compared with carrying your baby in a baby sling.

You have plenty of opportunity to discover the differences between the models we offer and you can go through the detailed description and take note of the specific characteristics. Have you made a choice? Please place your order and we will take care of the shipment.