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BabyDorm Pillow
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BabyDorm Pillow



The BabyDorm pillow has been specially designed to protect the baby's head against deformations of the skull while sleeping on their back as recommended by doctors.

Babydorm pillow

This pillow allows the head to preserve its natural round and prevents flattening (flat head). The back of the head is positioned in a hollow so as to prevent any pressure from the mattress. In addition, BabyDorm keeps the baby on his back while sleeping, minimizing the risk of sudden infant death syndrome.
It is during the first year that the head of the infant grows the most. If during this period, the head is always placed on the same side, the pressure on the very soft skull can result in flatness. Natural and balanced growth of the skull is thus impeded.
By using the BabyDorm pillow, the infant's head rests in a small hollow on a membrane without sinking into the pillow. The pillow holds the head evenly away from the mattress. This design neutralizes the pressure of the hard mattress on the relatively heavy head, and prevents any flattening of the sides or the back. The head is evenly formed around the skull, and small distortions disappear.
The manufacturer advises not to use the BabyDorm pillow for babies sleeping on their stomachs (prone position).

Features of the BabyDorm pillow

  • Recommended by physiotherapists / osteopaths, midwives and pediatricians in Germany
  • Used with the treatment of the KISS/KIDD syndrome of in infants (misalignment of the cervical vertebrae)
  • Promotes the recommended back sleeping position
  • Breathable material, regulates the temperature, ideal for allergy sufferers 
  • Material is 100% cotton, certified according to Oeko-Tex standard 100
  • Inside padding made of polyester beads (hollow fiber)
  • Dimensions: 30 x 26 x 8 cm (size II)
  • Washable at 60 ° C
The BabyDorm pillow is available in three sizes, depending on the weight of the baby:
  • BabyDorm I for babies weighing up to 6 kg
  • BabyDorm II for babies weighing more than 6 kg
  • Babydorm III for babies weighing more than 8 kg

Dimensions of the Babydorm pillow

  • Dimensions Sizes I and II: 30 x 26 x 8 cm
    • Dimensions of the "hole" cushion size I and II: 9.5 cm wide x 8.5 cm high
  • Dimensions Size III: 35 x 30 x 8 cm
    • Size of the "hole" cushion size III: 12 cm wide x 8.5 cm high

With "hole" is meant the notch in which the back of the head lies.

Possibility of adding extra filler if necessary for pillow (when the back of the head grows and starts resting on the mattress). 
The BabyDorm pillow comes without a pillow case. Please do not forget to order a BabyDorm pillow case.

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