Ergobaby designs baby carriers that offer the greatest comfort to you as a parent and to your child. Namely, each Ergobaby Carrier is shaped ergonomically. So you benefit from the carrying comfort and your child from being carried comfortably. Plus, it is also handy that you can carry the baby carrier on different positions of your body. For instance, you can carry your baby on your stomach, hip of back.

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ERGOBABY Wrap Aura Coral Dots

Ergobaby Wrap Aura Coral Dots

Price €49.50

Did you know that Ergobaby Carriers are recommend by professionals such as paediatricians? This has got a reason. When carrying your baby, it is important that your child has a natural position, such as the frog position.

The carrying comfort for you as a parent is big. This is because the shoulder and hip straps are soft and wide, so the weight is divided over the shoulders, hip of back when carrying. Therefore, when using an Ergobaby Carrier you will not suffer from headache, painful shoulders, pain in the back or neck.

The Ergobaby Carrier can be called a fantastic baby carrier in more ways than one. The cap provides support to the back and neck of your baby, but also ensures that the head is protected against wind or sun. The cap can be adjusted to the length of your child by using the push buttons. Another advantage of the Ergobaby Carrier is that the baby carrier is easy to wear and the straps and fastenings are adjustable.

The baby carriers of this brand are suitable for newborn babies up to children with a weight of 20 kilos. A newborn baby can best be carried on the stomach when in the baby carrier. Up to the weight of approximately 5.5 kilos this can be done with an Ergobaby Infant Insert. From the moment your child can sit up straight independently you can choose which carrying position is most pleasant for you.

In our offer you can choose from various models so you will always find the ideal Ergobaby Carrier. If you want to use the baby carrier in all weather conditions don’t forget to also order the Ergobaby Rain Cover.