Kokadi is the brand in the field of baby carriers that have combined comfort and convenience and it will give you and your baby much pleasure. A Kokadi baby carrier consists of fabric that is used for a baby sling and it offer the convenience of a pre-shaped baby carrier.

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Carrier toddler Kokadi Flip Triangle Opal Marlon

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Kokadi Babyblanket Safari

Kokadi Babyblanket Safari

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Kokadi baby carrier

A Kokadi baby carrier is also ideal for the parent that wants to carry the baby in the most comfortable and ergonomically way from birth or a bit later. You can adjust the width of the seat to always carry your baby in the perfect way. Your baby will be in the M-position.

Your baby will experience the comfort of being carried in a baby sling and you will experience the practical convenience of a baby carrier. The Kokadi models are equipped with hip and shoulder straps that are padded and you can easily fasten the hip straps with the buckles.

When outside, the head of the baby can be protected against weather conditions, such as sun or strong wind as the Kokadi baby carrier has a head cap. In rolled up position the head cap offers extra support for the neck.

What is also handy about the Kokadi baby carriers is that is can be washed at 40 degrees. If the carrier system becomes dirty because of an accident while feeding, you can easily and quickly wash it so it will be clean again.

In our offer you will both find the Kokadi Flip as the Kokadi TaiTai. These are two different models that both offer the best comfort for your baby that can be first carried on the stomach and later, if desired, on the back.

The TaiTai model has a hip strap that is fastened with a buckle and shoulder straps that can be tied. This way it will feel even more like a real baby sling. With the Flip model the fastening only consists or buckles. Both Kokadi baby carriers are adjustable in seating width so the carrier system can grow with your baby. Compare the options and order the Kokadi baby carrier that best matches your preferences. We also offer the choice from various prints and colour.